Ely Museum’s Young Curators Club is for young people in school years 8 through 11.

Meeting monthly at the museum after school, the group will work together in collaboration with the staff at Ely Museum to create something new for the museum, such as exhibitions, events or tours.

They will have the chance to explore the collection behind the scenes at Ely Museum, learn more about the way museums operate and discover more about our local history.

Young Curators is a fun, inclusive place to meet new people and learn new things.  It is also a great way to develop your skills and add something interesting to your CV and university or college applications.

Our first project will be to create a new temporary exhibition at the museum, after which the Young Curators Club, in collaboration with the museum staff, will decide on our next project together.

If you have any questions, please email Emily on emily@elymuseum.org.uk


What do you need to do?

We’re really pleased you would like to join us as a Young Curator!

Space within the Young Curators Club is limited, so we may not be able to accept all applicants.

In the sidebar above there are a few documents to read. Please complete the application form, and ask your parent or guardian to complete the consent form too.

These should be returned to the museum or emailed to Emily, Ely Museum’s Community Engagement Officer at emily@elymuseum.org.uk

Please also take a look at the volunteer agreement. You will need to have returned a signed volunteer agreement & a parental consent form to take part in our Young Curators Club.

Please send applications in by Tuesday 19th April – successful applicants will be informed by the end of that week

Our first meeting will be on Thursday 28th April, and monthly thereafter on the last Thursday of the month