Our Loan boxes are a great addition to the classroom with real and replica objects covering a wide range of historical topics. Our loan boxes can be booked at short notice but we recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Designed around the national curriculum and to be used in the classroom, however our boxes are also available to other educational clubs and societies even adults!

All our boxes contain objects that are safe to handle in the classroom offering an excellent opportunity for your class, group or school.

See below for the details of the types of loan boxes we offer.




Loan Boxes


Dive into the prehistoric ocean of Ely’s past. From ammonites to pliosaurs this box is packed with real fossils and fact sheets to aid in teaching any fossil related topic.


An ideal introduction to the topic of prehistory, this box contains a collection of objects both archaeological and replica from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Handle items which our ancient ancestors handled and use replicas to understand their sophisticated technologies.


Piece together the Roman way of life using genuine sherds of Roman pottery, all found in the local area – some of it stamped with its maker’s mark. Discover more using the selection of replica objects.

Anglo Saxon

Pots, costume, jewellery, coins – a wealth of replica objects to illustrate how an Anglo Saxon man or woman would have dressed, farmed, feasted, traded and lived from day to day.

Fenland Basket

Discovery basket containing maps, objects, costume, books, film, and a specially commissioned CD of fenland songs and stories – some of them spooky! – to bring alive the history, geography and folklore of the unique fenland landscape. Fen bonnets, eel spears, skates, a collection of the wise woman’s weird and wonderful remedies for ailment – find out how fenland people lived through the centuries.


Pick and mix from an eclectic collection of Victorian objects which illustrate aspects of the fascinating nineteenth century. Who might have used these butter pats? Did this sugar tongs belong to a rich or a poor person? How was the correction board used?

Toys Long Ago

An exciting toy box of real and replica toys from almost every decade in the last 100 years, many of which can be played with.