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During this second lockdown, we hope these activities will be useful to all of those teaching and learning from home. 'History at Home' brings real objects from the museum, craft activities and fun worksheets to bring history straight to your home!

You might find this list of all the activities available for this History at Home useful when planning your lesson!

Download a list of all the activities available here

This History at Home is all about the Anglo Saxons. The Anglo Saxons existed in England from the 5th to the 11th centuries, from the end of Roman Britain until the Norman conquest in 1066.

Watch this video to meet an Anglo Saxon renactor and learn about the things he is wearing


In this video, we learnt a little bit about the weapons an Anglo Saxon person might carry. Watch the videos below to learn a little bit more about the amazing Anglo Saxon sword and shield bosses we have at Ely Museum.

Download the Anglo Saxon Sword worksheet
Download the Anglo Saxon Shield worksheet

In this video, we looked closely at Aedwen's brooch, a very important object found near Ely. The brooch is normally on display at the British Museum, but did come to Ely Museum for a special exhibition in 2015, and we have a replica on display in the new museum.

Download this worksheet and design your own brooch

We also have many other beautiful brooches on display at Ely Museum like this one. Download the worksheets below to learn more about the riddles and secret pictures hidden within Anglo Saxon brooches like this

Download the riddles & secrets within Anglo Saxon brooches worksheet

Another of our favourite Anglo Saxon brooches from the collection at Ely Museum is this rat tail brooch - can you see how the tail is maze? Download the worksheet and have a go at following the tail & making your own!

Download the rat tail brooch maze worksheet

Finally, we've got some fun, Anglo Saxon & Viking inspired, crafts for you to try! Watch the video below or find it on our Facebook page here & here

Have fun with these Anglo Saxon & Viking crafts - do take a photo of your crafts & send them in - we love seeing them!
Anglo Saxon helmet template