The Cambridgeshire Witchcraft Trials


A talk by Dr Tabitha Stanmore

In the mid-1640s, Britain was wracked by brutal and bloody wars that left thousands dead. In Cambridgeshire, a second battle was raging as communities tried to rout out a supposed spiritual evil: witches.

Join Tabitha Stanmore as she explores how the witch hunt that began in Essex – driven by the so-called Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins – spread into Cambridgeshire. We will find out more about the women and men accused of consorting with the Devil, and about the neighbours, friends and even family members who accused them. We will discover why witches were treated with such fear in the seventeenth century, and what happened to those who were suspected of witchcraft.

31st October at 7pm at Ely Museum 

Tickets £8.50



31st October 2023