MuseumFromHome: VE Day

This Friday, the 8th May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day. It was on this day in 1945 that, after 6 long years of war, Winston Churchill declared Victory in Europe!

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, celebrates have been postponed, but we hope this weeks #MuseumFromHome will give you some fun craft ideas & activities to enjoy as you celebrate this anniversary from home.

Visit our Facebook page to have fun with VE Day-themed crafts and make your own WW2 Field Service Cap, a spitfire from a clothes peg, replica WW2 medals and even a special noise-maker to shake at your victory party!

Watch the craft video here
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Lots of people took to the streets to celebrate VE Day with street parties, feasts and merriment! This year, the usual May bank holiday was moved to Friday this year to celebrate this important anniversary too!

Even though war in Europe was over, at home, rationing continued. People adapted to rationing by making new recipes and substituting ingredients when they could. As rationing continued for many years after the war ended, the special food made to celebrate VE Day was made this way too.

What would you include in your VE Day picnic?

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What would you include in your VE Day picnic?

Many children were evacuated from larger cities to Ely during the Second World War as it was much safer.

Learn more about evacuation here & think about what you would include in your suitcase

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This next activity includes a special diary entry from a young girl, Doris, who was evacuated to Ely during the Second World War.

Read about her time in Ely and see if you can find the buildings she mentions!

This activity includes lots of reading so is aimed at older children. For younger children, why not read the memories out loud together and see if you can answer the questions?

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Will you be joining Visit Ely to celebrate a virtual VE Day on Friday? You can find some fun, themed colouring sheets on their website HERE

Remember to join us next week as we head back in time to #MuseumFromHome from the Bronze Age!