MuseumFromHome: RAF Hospital

In the late 1930s, with the threat of War once again looming, the Royal Air Force was looking for more sites to build new airfields. In 1936, as it was quite central to many of the planned airfields, Ely was selected as the site of one of two new RAF Hospitals!

The Ely RAF Hospital was finally ready and officially opened in July 1940 - learn all about the hospital in today's #MuseumFromHome post!

Join us on Facebook to join in with some RAF Hospital themed crafts as we make an X-Ray, a chain of doctors and nurses as well as a replica airfield, inspired by the one here in Ely

RAF Hospital crafts

You can also find our spitfire craft tutorial in our VE Day craft video HERE

Learn more about the history of the hospital here, as well as why one was needed in Ely

The RAF Hospital also attracted some important, Royal visitors over the years too!

Download the documents hereDownload

Imagine you are a doctor or nurse working at the RAF Hospital & write a diary entry describing your day - will you be from the 1940s when the hospital first opened, writing today or writing from the future?

Remember to write about the things you wore, the medicines you could use and the patients you saw today too. Is your diary entry from the day of a Royal visit?

Download the sheet hereDownload

Help the doctors and nurses by identifying different organs in the body! Can you find them all or point them out on your body too?

Download the sheet hereDownload

Finally, have fun designing your own spitfire plane here too - why not download the sheet below, colour them in and cut them out?

Spitfires colouring sheetDownload