MuseumFromHome: Halloween

Halloween is at the end of the October half-term & we hope you will enjoy trying some of these Halloween themed crafts & activities during the school holidays!

We know Halloween will be quite different this year, perhaps without a party or trick-or-treating, but if you try our Halloween activities, we'd love to see the costume you create, see your stories & see your fantastic crafts too, so do send us some pictures - we love seeing them!

Watch our craft video here

Find our craft video over on Facebook & join in as we make some fun Halloween themed crafts!

Then have a go at our Halloween activities here! From the story of the spooky Black Shuck & will-o'-the-wisps to safe keeps & cures from the wise woman, have lots of fun learning, doing and making!

Download the sheets hereDownload

You can also download our fun Halloween themed word search below & see how many of these spooky words you can find!

Download the Halloween word search hereDownload

We shared these 'Fenland School of Witchcraft & Wizardry' sheets at a previous Halloween event at the museum. Download them below & have fun designing your own crest!

Download the sheets hereDownload

If you are also looking for lots of other activities to try - remember you can find all our previous #MuseumFromHome posts here on our blog & all the craft videos over on Facebook too