MuseumFromHome: Eels

As so many of you enjoyed last week's #MuseumFromHome post all about the Fens we're carrying on the theme this week with something that makes Ely famous - eels!

Whilst we are sad that the annual Visit Ely Eel Festival has had to be cancelled this year, we hope today's post will bring some of the fun!

Visit our Facebook page to have fun with eel-themed crafts and make your own eel, grig and gleeve - remember to share pictures with us if you make these crafts too!

Watch the craft video here!

Eels are unique fish and you can learn more about them - did you know eels can live to be up to 85 years old and grow to be over 5ft long?

Download the gleeve template to make your ownDownload
Learn about the eels life cycleDownload

Eels were plentiful in the waters surrounding the Isle of Ely and they were caught by special fisherman to be eaten and sold. Learn more about the different ways they were caught here.

You can also watch historic interviews with eel fishermen in these clips here, here and here - you might recognise some of this footage which was shown at the museum too

How eels were caughtDownload

Listen to this special song about eel fishers which was written and preformed by Ely Museum volunteer, John Crowe and learn more about the lives of the eel fishermen.

The Eel Fishers lyricsDownload

Have a go at these fun eel themed questions to learn more about eels, how they were used to cure illnesses, turned into pies and can be seen symbolised throughout our city

Download a PDF hereDownload

When you next take a walk through Ely, why not give the eel trail a go? Taking approximately an hour & a half, this walking trail weaves through our beautiful city and can be enjoyed on foot, by bike or by scooter!

Download the trail on the Visit Ely website HERE