MuseumFromHome: Dragons

Dragons are monsters which appear in stories and tales across the world and across all periods of history. Dragon tales are known in many cultures, from the Americas to Europe, and from India to China. They have a long and rich history in many forms and are still popular in books, films and television programmes today.

Today, in our final #MuseumFromHome we'll learn all about dragons, including their history and have a go at designing our own & lots, lots more!

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Firstly, we'll learn more about this history of dragons

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Dragon stories have been popular for thousands of years, so have a go at writing your own. First you'll need to design a dragon to star in your story!

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Dragon stories are popular, and quite different across the world! Learn more about the different types of dragons to be found across the world and see if you can plot them on the map. Where in the world will your story be based?

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Finally, we'll put all our best dragon moves together and dance like a dragon to your favourite song! See if you can get everyone at home to join in and give everyone a mark out of 10 - who will do the best dragon dance?

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We hope you've enjoyed all our #MuseumFromHome activities over the past 6 months - if you want to go back and look over any previous weeks, you can find them all collated on our blog HERE