MuseumFromHome: Around The World

In this weeks #MuseumFromHome with Ely Museum, we're leaving Ely in England and virtually visiting all the other Elys around the world!

Did you know there are 10 other Elys to be found dotted across the world - including two in the United Kingdom? Find out more about each of them below and then have a go at some fun activities inspired by our fellow Elyians!

You can also join us over on Facebook to have fun with Ely themed crafts from a scary dragon to a cuddly koala!

Around the World crafts

Another connection between the two Elys of the United Kingdom is also the National Lottery Heritage Fund, which is both supporting our redevelopment of the Old Gaol here in England and their Welsh counterparts are supporting a fascinating CAER Heritage Hidden Hillfort project in Ely, Wales too! The project has asked people who live near an Iron Age hillford in Caerau & Ely, just outside Cardiff, to dig up a 1 sq m patch of their garden and record what they find!

The results recorded will contribute to research by Cardiff University archaeologists. Whilst previous studies in the area have focused on the hillfort in Caerau, a deserted medieval village & a Roman villa in Ely, researchers say little is known about other spaces in the area & this is a great way for local people to get involved. You can find out more on their website HERE

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Join us on our Explorer Trail as we find objects, foods & animals from lots of different countries around the world

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With all that exploring to do, you'll need to find a way to transport yourself around the globe. Imagine you are planning a huge, around the world trip to visit each Ely and have a go at planning your route & designing your own method of transport too.

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Because all of these Elys are spread across the globe, when it is daytime in one place, it could be the middle of the night in another! Learn more about time zones below & see if you can answer our questions

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Now you've explored all these new places, don't forget to send a postcard home! Learn all about the history of postcards here and then enjoy creating your own. Why not print it off and send it to a family member or friend who lives in a different city & tell them all about the exciting things you can do here in Ely?

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Join us next week when our #MuseumFromHome is all about the ancient Egyptians