MuseumFromHome: Ancient Egyptians

Today's #MuseumFromHome with Ely Museum is all about ancient Egypt! Egypt was one of the greatest civilizations of the past and the ancient Egyptian era, which began in approximately 3100 BCE & ended in 30 BCE with the death of Cleopatra VII, lasted for almost 30 centuries! 4000 years later, their monuments and tombs are still standing!

Learn more about ancient Egpytians in this weeks post where we explore what animals meant to them, why they built pyramids & learn all about hieroglyphs too!

On Facebook, we're also having fun with lots of ancient Egyptian themed crafts, join us as we make a pharaohs headdress & collar, a special ancient instrument called a sistrum, a sarcophagus & mummy as well as an origami pyramid

Ancient Egyptian Crafts
Download the Pharaohs headdress template hereDownload
Download the sarcophagus template here Download

Animals played an important role in the lives of ancient Egyptian people, not only as pets or to be reared as food, but as important of their spiritual beliefs too!

Learn more about Egyptian gods & goddesses in our activity here as well as about the animals chosen to represent their power.

Use the sheet below to have a go at designing your own ancient Egyptian animal too - what characteristics will it have?

Download the sheets hereDownload

Learn more about the pyramids the ancient Egyptians built to bury their Pharaohs below, including why this shape was chosen and why they built them. Then have a go at the two activities below inspired by pyramids!

Download the activity (and answer sheet!) hereDownload

We also love these ancient Egyptian activities available on the Young Archaeologists' Club website!

Visit their website to find the instructions & have a go at making your own Canopic Jars & Cat Mummy!