Play our new puzzle games

Play our new interactive puzzle games!

Do you and your friends like escape rooms? Our new puzzle games are like an escape room and a walk around Ely combined. Solve the puzzles using clues found around Ely and put the answers into the app to complete the story.

We have two games, so there’s something suitable for everyone.

Unlocking Ely is a game for the whole family. Find the lost museum keys in a fun hunt around Ely.

Escape Ely has harder challenges for the dedicated puzzlers. You’ve escaped from Ely Gaol after being unjustly accused and are facing execution – can you escape before you are caught?

These self-guided games are played outdoors around Ely on the Roamr mobile app. Your team can be as large as you like with up to six phones linked to the same game. You can play the game at any time you like – it doesn’t involve going inside any buildings.


A fun game for all the family! Can you locate the lost museum keys among the sights of the city? Discover fascinating stories as you solve puzzles that will engage everyone from 8 to 80.



It’s 1817, and you’re on the run from Ely gaol! Unjustly accused and facing execution, can you follow the clues to make it to the river and freedom?