During this second lockdown, we hope these activities will be useful to all of those teaching and learning from home. ‘History at Home’ brings real objects from the museum, craft activities and fun worksheets to bring history straight to your home!

You might find this list of all the activities available for this History at Home useful when planning your lesson!

Download a list of all the activities here

Children have played with toys for thousands of years! Some of the toys children played with long ago are similar to the toys you play with today, others are very different. They might work differently to modern toys and be made from different materials.

Watch the videos about some of the toys at Ely Museum and then have a go at some of these activities too. There is also a craft video to follow and you can have a go at making your own toys!


There are lots of old toys at Ely Museum. Sometimes people give them to the museum because they don't play with them anymore, sometimes they might be broken or have missing parts, but others are still in excellent condition!

Look at your toys at home, are some old and ones you've had for a long time but others might be new? Some might be in excellent condition, but others are well loved or missing a piece, just like the old toys at the museum!

Download the sheets here

Now have a go at these worksheets too! You can write or draw your answers in the boxes. Which toy will you choose?

Download the sheets here

Ask an adult at home what toys they enjoyed playing with when they were children - are they similar or different to the toys you like? You could try asking people of different ages too - do you think their answers will be different or the same?

Have a go at designing a toy of the future too - what do you think it might look like & how will it work?

Download the sheets here

Some old toys work in the same way modern toys do, but others are very different. Watch this video where we show you how some of the old toys at Ely Museum work

Download the sheet here

People of all ages, young and old, enjoy hearing stories. Today we might read or listen to a story being read from a book, or watch one on the television or online.

Watch this video to learn more about the special old wooden theatre we have Ely Museum that children long ago would have enjoyed! Then listen to the story of Sleeping Beauty!


Toys for children in the Victorian era were very different too. Read these sheets & see how different toys were for rich and poor Victorian children.

Download the sheets on Victorian children

Victorian children were not allowed to play with their normal toys on Sunday. They could only play with toys that had a religious theme, like a noah's ark.

Read these sheets & decide if you would like having Sunday toys or not - remember you wouldn't be able to play with all of your toys until the next day!

Download the sheet on Victorian Sunday toys

Finally, have some fun making your own toys, inspired by toys long ago! The video shows you how to make a cup & ball toy, a race car, a doll & Victorian inspired kaleidoscopes and thaumatropes!