Welcome to History at Home with Ely Museum!

During this second lockdown, we hope these activities will be useful to all of those teaching and learning from home. 'History at Home' brings real objects from the museum, craft activities and fun worksheets to bring history straight to your home!

You might find this list of all the activities available for this History at Home useful when planning your lesson!

Download a list of all activities available
Download the colouring sheet below. Can you name the things the soldier is holding and wearing?
Download the Roman soldier colouring sheet

We learnt in the video that when Roman's joined the army they were soldiers for 25 years. They earned money as soldiers and also received a pension once they retired from the army, just like people do today.

Watch the video below to learn more about Roman coins & have a go at the activity too

Download the coins worksheet here

We know that some Roman people spent their money on pottery. Some pottery was used everyday for storing food in the kitchen, but other pottery was much finer and was used by rich people.

Watch the video below to learn more about some of the real Roman pottery on display at Ely Museum, then have a go at the activities below


Have a go at this activity below to put into practice what you just learnt about Roman pottery!

Download the Roman Pottery Activity here

We also learnt that some pottery, from the near by Nene Valley had intricate designs on them. The Nene Valley is near Peterborough, around 30 miles from Ely. Have a go at designing your own!

Download the design your own pottery sheet

Watch this video about a special type of pottery called Mortarium that could be found in almost all Roman kitchens.


Use this worksheet to have a go at recreate using a mortarium at home and make something tasty for lunch or dinner!

Download the activity & recipe here

Finally, we've got some fun, Roman inspired, crafts for you to try! Watch the video below or find it on our Facebook page

If you make any of these crafts, do take a picture to share with us - we love seeing them!
Roman helmet template