Welcome to History at Home with Ely Museum

During this second lockdown, we hope these activities will be useful to all of those teaching and learning from home. ‘History at Home’ brings real objects from the museum, craft activities and fun worksheets to bring history straight to your home!

You might find this list of all the activities available for this History at Home useful when planning your lesson!

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For this History At Home, we’re travelling back in time over 200 million years to the times when plesiosaurs swam in the warm Jurassic seas that covered this region!

We know what prehistoric creatures lived in & around Ely at this time because of the fossils that we find. Watch the video below to find out more about some of the fossils we have at Ely Museum that come from this area.


Did you know, that there are lots of different ways fossils can be made?  The most famous type is cast fossils which is how we get the big dinosaur bones you see in museums. These rare fossils were the bones of an animal which has transformed into rock over millions of years.

Learn more about fossils here & then why not have a go at making your own impression fossil at home

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From the fossils we find, palaeontologists who study these fossils can find out more about these animals, including how and where they might have lived! Can you help the palaeontologist answer their questions?

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Using what you've learnt about fossils and the prehistoric creatures that once lived in this region, have a go at designing your own! Don't forget to also think about what your creature ate and where it might have lived too!

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Have a go at this scavenger hunt at home and see how many you can do!

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Challenge someone at home to play our take on our prehistoric version of the traditional game snakes and ladders and play “Plesiosaurs and Belemnites” with you! Who do you think will win?

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Finally, enjoy making your own prehistoric creatures, inspired by the ones we've learnt about today as you make your own plesiosaur puppet, a toilet roll belemnite, an ammonite fossil and a massive megalodon!

Download the plesiosaur template here