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During this second lockdown, we hope these activities will be useful to all of those teaching and learning from home. ‘History at Home’ brings real objects from the museum, craft activities and fun worksheets to bring history straight to your home!

You might find this list of all the activities available for this History at Home useful when planning your lesson!

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Eels a special fish here in Ely - it's even where we got our name, which comes from an Anglo Saxon word, 'Elig' and the old Northumbrian word 'ēlġē' which mean 'district of eels'

Eels are also very unique fish - did you know eels can live to be up to 85 years old and grow to be over 5ft long?! Find out about their life cycle here!

Download the sheet here

See if you can identify the parts of the eel & have a go at colouring it in too!

Download the sheet here

Because there were lots of eels in the waters surrounding the Isle of Ely, they were caught by special fisherman to be eaten and sold. They used different methods for catching them - find out more about some of the special objects at Ely Museum that were used for catching eels in this video


If you were an eel catcher, what method do you think you would use? Learn more in these worksheets & see if you can answer the questions!

Download the sheets here

Now you know how eels were caught, listen & sing along to this traditional song about eel fishers!

Download the lyrics here

You can also watch historic interviews with eel fishermen in these clips herehere and here – you might recognise some of this footage which was shown at the old museum too!

Now you've learnt all about eels and the different ways they were caught, have a go at our eel quiz!

Download the eel quiz here

Now have a go at some fun eel themed crafts & try making your own slippery eel, as well as a gleeve & trap to help you fish for them!

Download the gleeve template here

When you next take a walk through Ely, why not give the eel trail a go? Taking approximately an hour & a half, this walking trail weaves through our beautiful city and can be enjoyed on foot, by bike or by scooter!

Download the trail on the Visit Ely website HERE