In February 2020, the staff at Ely Museum handed over a special time capsule to our builders, R G Carter‘s to hide in a chimney place at the Old Gaol

Whilst our National Lottery Heritage Fund redevelopment takes place, we thought we’d take the opportunity to leave a time capsule for the future to tell them all about life at Ely Museum in 2020

With limited space within the capsule, the things we were able to included are;

– A letter from the current staff at Ely Museum to the future staff! We told them all about our team, about our redevelopment & all about the museum too

– A copy of the Ely Standard Newspaper to show the local news stories and events

– Museum leaflets so our museum counterparts in the future will know more about the kind of activities & school sessions we hosted

– Two small popular toys from Christmas 2020 – thanks to the folks at City Cycle Centre Toy Department for helping us to choose

– A Raspberry Pi computer which included lots of information about the museum, pictures of the ‘old’ Old Gaol and video tours of the museum galleries and Ely city centre! We wonder how much it will have changes when the videos are watched in the future? Thank you to Richard for his kind donation of the Raspberry Pi & for all his help in setting it up too

– A sample of special Fenland peat soil which we hope might be interesting & useful to people in the future

Thank you also to Shaun & team from #RGCarter who helped us to find the perfect spot for the time capsule and for placing it for us

Have you ever found or placed your own time capsule? Let us know in the comments if it included anything interesting!