During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Ely Museum will be sharing a weekly #MuseumFromHome post including fun crafts & educational activities inspired by our amazing local history collections!

Each week will have its own post, but you might find this handy as all the links to each weeks activities will be posted here too. We hope you have fun as you #MuseumFromHome & remember to send us some pictures of your crafts if you make them too!

Romans Learn about Roman pottery and how to identify the different types and then have fun making your Roman helmet, coin and catapult crafts using materials you can find at home!

Roman Crafts

Anglo Saxons Make your own fearsome Anglo Saxon helmet and beautiful jewelled brooch as you learn about Anglo Saxon jewellery and see beautiful examples from the collection at Ely Museum

Anglo Saxon Crafts

Easter Learn some new Easter facts and try our fun Easter themed quiz as you make your own Easter bonnet, wreath and design a chick using your hand prints

Easter Crafts

Spring Learn about flowers and insects with objects and pictures from the Ely Museum collection & make lots of fun bug & flower themed crafts!

Spring Crafts

Fens Be inspired by our beautiful Fenland landscape and make your own farming themed crafts. Learn about traditional farming tools and learn about Fen folklore as you visit the Wise Woman!

Fen Crafts

Eels are an important part of Ely’s culture, bringing food, farming, myths and of course, our name! Make your own eel-inspired crafts, listen to ‘The Eel Fishers‘ song and learn lots of new facts about eels too! There are some fun activities to download that can be adapted to different key stages & abilities

Eel Crafts

VE Day took place on the 8th May 1945, so this year is the 75th anniversary of the day Winston Churchill was able to announce allied victory in Europe and the end of the Second World War. In our post this week, learn about rationing and evacuees and have fun making some WW2 inspired crafts!

VE Day Crafts

People in the Bronze Age were the first to make and use metal to make swords and axes. They also lived in roundhouses and left behind beautiful examples of their craftsmanship, including the East Cambridgeshire gold torc. Learn more about these in our blog post and have fun with crafts too

Bronze Age Crafts

Prehistoric Creatures roamed the warm Jurassic seas that covered Ely and our region over 200 million years ago! Join us as we make plesiosaur puppets, toilet roll belemnites, ammonite fossils and a massive megalodons! Learn all about fossils on our blog and enjoy a prehistoric creature themed scavenger hunt & lots of fun activities too!

Prehistoric Creature Crafts

Did you know that between 1893 – 1964, the City of Ely hosted an annual Sports Day? With races including a hundred yard dash and a pillow fight – there were lots of normal, and silly races which were enjoyed by all!

Our challenge to you this half-term is to create your own City of Ely Sports Day themed race! Find out more in our blog post HERE

You can also join us on Facebook to learn more about the Sports Day and create your own winners trophy and medals too!

Sports Day Crafts

The Old Gaol, where you can normally find Ely Museum is the subject of this week’s #MuseumFromHome

Learn more about the history of the gaol and the prisoners kept there! Join in as we make a model of the gaol cell as well as the gaoler’s handcuffs and keys! Then head over to the blog post to learn even more about the Felons and Debtors kept in the cells!

Find the video on Facebook

Learn all about how and why the fens were drained and who opposed the plans in our Drainage in the Fens post . Find out who the key characters were and the machinery and tools they designed to help keep the fens dry.

Find out blog post, filled with activities here

If you visited Ely around 950 years ago, you would find a castle built to defend the Isle of Ely. The castle was probably built by King William I, otherwise known as William the Conqueror! Find out more about Ely Castle and have fun with castle-themed crafts as we make our own castle alongside a knight and a bow & arrow to defend it too!

Ely Castle blog post

Learn all about the Vikings, including how they made their beautiful jewellery such as the amazing Aedwen’s brooch as well as learning about Viking runes and nicknames! Join us as we make a Viking longship, shield and replica brooch


In July 1940, the new RAF Hospital in Ely opened! In this weeks #MuseumFromHome we’ll learn all about the history of the hospital and have fun with some themed crafts too

RAF Hospital blog post

The history of money can be traced back over 4,000 years. During this time, currency has taken many different forms, including things we use as money today like coins or banknotes, to objects we might not consider to be money like shells, animals, or other natural resources. This weeks #MuseumFromHome is all about coins. Join us on Facebook as we make some fun coin-themed crafts and then have a go at the activities on our blog post


The Victorian era, 1837-1901 bought many changes and developments to the lives of British people – especially the children!

You can learn more about the different lives children in the Victorian era & all about the ways they worked, and played, in our blog post HERE

Join with our crafts too as we have a go at making different popular Victorian visual illusions to impress your family & friends with!


As the summer holidays begin, enjoy a special museum themed #MuseumFromHome as we Make a Museum! From designing your own exhibitions and guided tours to making a museum in box – find a special way to display your own collection! Whether its unique stones and fossils you’ve found on walks or in the garden or your favourite toy, share what you know about it and invite your friends and family to visit your exhibition too!


About 2,500 years ago, Greece was one of the most important places in the ancient world. The Greeks were great philosophers, warriors, writers, actors, athletes, artists, architects and politicians. They also started to trade with other countries and put on large events such as the very first Olympic Games! From fantastic, beautiful temples to scientific and mathematical discoveries, as well as their epic tales, myths and legends, learn more about ancient Greece.


Did you know there are 10 places across the world called Ely? From Australia to America & two in the United Kingdom, learn all about the Elys Around The World in this weeks blog post.

Learn about these different places as well as having fun with an explorers trail, designing a new method of transport and creating your own postcard to send!


Egypt was one of the greatest civilizations of the past and the ancient Egyptian era, which began in approximately 3100 BCE & ended in 30 BCE with the death of Cleopatra VII, lasted for almost 30 centuries! 4000 years later, their monuments and tombs are still standing! Learn all about the Ancient Egyptians in this #MuseumFromHome

Ahoy Mateys! This #MuseumFromHome is all about the fearsome pirates of the high seas! Learn about famous pirates, their flags and ships, as well as finding the lost treasure too!

Ancient Egyptian crafts

Learn all about the unique Fenland Animals that can be found across the fens in our #MuseumFromHome all about them!


Our final #MuseumFromHome is all about Dragons – learn about their history and also have a go designing your own on our blog