Ahoy mateys! Welcome to this weeks #MuseumFromHome with Ely Museum – this week, we’re learning all about pirates!

Joins us over on Facebook as we have fun with lots of pirate themed crafts & have a go at making our own pirate hats, ships, treasure chests & even a parrot for your shoulder!

Pirate craft video

Learn more about pirates, including some famous pirates below, then have a go at designing your own fearsome pirate!

Did you know that pirates had their own individual flags with their own designs? The famous ‘jolly roger’ flag we know today as the pirate flag was used by ‘Black Sam Bellamy’! Learn more about other famous pirate flags & what they mean, then have a go at making your own!

You’ll also need a special pirate name to go with your new flag! Why not try this BBC pirate name generator: https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/quizzes/bp-quiz-what-be-yer-pirate-name

Now you’ve got your name & your flag – you’ll need your ship too! Learn more about pirate ships here!

Now you have everything you’ll need to set sail on the high seas – you’ll need your treasure map! Use the clues to help the pirates find the treasure & have a go at making your own map at home – if you don’t have palm trees and crocodiles in your living room, you could always add things like the sofa or pile of books on to your map!

Finally, have a go at our word search below & see if you can find all of the pirate themed words!

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