The unique landscape of the fens makes it an excellent home to a wide variety of animals! Some fly high in the wide open sky and others live on the waters edge of our marshy landscape.

Join us this week as we have fun making lots of fenland animal themed crafts & learn more about the animals that live here too.

If you want to delve deeper, you can find our previous #MuseumFromHome posts from Ely Museum on The Fens, Eels and Draining the Fens on our blog here

Fenland Animals crafts

Learn more about just some of the animals that you might spot across the fens! Remember you can check out the Great Fen website to learn more about all the animals & plants that make our landscape so unique!

The animals we find across the fens have habitats as unique as they are! From living in nests high up in the trees to burrows deep underground, find out more about their habitats below and have a go at designing your own too!

Throughout the day, the animals you can see and hear across the fens change. This trail takes you from 8am – 8pm with a different activity to try each hour. From the early risers to the nocturnal creatures that come out after dark, have fun with this trail all day long!

Remember you can join us for our final dragon themed #MuseumFromHome next week!

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