About 2,500 years ago, Greece was one of the most important places in the ancient world.

Although people have been living in Greece for over 40,000 years, the earliest settlers in this region mostly lived a simple hunter-gatherer or farming lifestyle. Later, the Greeks were great philosophers, warriors, writers, actors, athletes, artists, architects and politicians. They also started to trade with other countries and put on large events such as the very first Olympic Games!

From fantastic, beautiful temples to scientific and mathematical discoveries, as well as their epic tales, myths and legends, learn more about ancient Greece in today’s #MuseumFromHome

Firstly, you can join in with fun crafts on our Facebook page, inspired by the things we’ll learn about today

Ancient Greek crafts

You can download the trojan horse template below!

The first craft in our video is all about making our own laurel wreath which were awarded to the first Olympians! Learn more about the first Olympic Games below and why not head over to our #MuseumFromHome: Ely Sports Day to have a go at making your own races too?

Learn more about ancient Greek numbers here – you might need them to calculate the winners of your races!

The ancient Greeks were also brilliant architects & you can have a go at building your own Parthenon too – find the instructions in our craft video. What columns will you use in your building?

The ancient Greeks loved stories about heroes and about monsters too! There were strong heroes who faced impossible challenges like fighting terrifying monsters! Monsters were very real to the ancient Greek people, they lived in far off lands in forests and in the deep seas too.

Learn more about different ancient Greek heroes, monsters and their epic tales in our activities below and have a go at designing your own! What will yours look like?

These heroes and monsters were used in many ancient Greek stories, myths and legends! Learn more about some of these epics below and have a go at creating your own! Print off the mask to colour it in and make notes too, but remember ancient Greek stories were read aloud so gather up your family to hear you perform yours!

Learn more about one of these stories, the Trojan War below and have a go at making your own Trojan horse in our craft video too! Do you think you would have been fooled by the ancient Greeks and their wooden horse?