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The East Cambridgeshire Gold Torc is now on display in our archaeology gallery.

About the Torc

An exceptional example of a Middle Bronze Age four-flange twisted gold bar torc was
discovered in East Cambridgeshire on the 26th September 2015. Weighing 732 grams, measuring 126.5 cm in length, it is one of the largest found in Britain, Ireland and the near Continent.

The Torc is regarded as the best to be found in England in more than a century. It is much larger than usual examples and is made of 730g of almost pure gold. The find was made by a metal detectorist in a ploughed field in East Cambridgeshire and was reported to the local Finds Liaison Officer. Neil Wilkin, Curator of Bronze Age Europe at the British Museum has described the workmanship as “astonishing”. There has been much speculation about its use as it is so large. It may have been worn by pregnant women as a form or protection, or used to ornament a sacrificial animal.