We have exciting news regarding the Bronze Age Torc, found locally near Ely Museum but we need your help!

A huge thank you to the National Heritage Memorial Fund who have offered an extremely generous grant of £150,000 towards the purchase Torc and to the V&A Purchase Grant who have offered an additional £40,000 too! The museum has also received two smaller grants from generous funds too!

We’ve almost reached our target of £220,000 target but we the help of our local community to raise the final £8000. Without your help the museum will not be able to buy the torc and display this locally found masterpiece for local people to see!

Donations to help secure this amazing gold Torc for the local community and to preserve this masterpiece would be gratefully received!

You can donate online, safely and securely through our Charities Aid Foundation

Other donations can be made directly at the museum or sent in the post to our normal address with cheques made payable to Ely Museum.

Donate Directly

Ely Museum is a registered charity and an independent local history museum telling the story of the Isle of Ely and its area from fossils to the 20th century. Please consider donating directly to help us continue this work.


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