strong>Story of a landscape

Hands–on history and geography workshop With story–teller and musician. Can be accompanied by basket making or fenland craft sessions.

The unique landscape of the fens is inextricably interwoven with the way people have lived and worked here. Through the use of objects, maps, stories and song we explore what life was like for people living in the fens long ago.

  1. Listen to fen stories and folk tales.
  2. Dress up and role play.
  3. Draw objects from the museum.
  4. Examine and compare old and new maps of the fens.
  5. Handle old tools.
  6. Visit the wise woman and create a cure for the fen ague.
  7. Learn how to weave and make baskets.

“A super mix of fact, fiction, song, artifacts and scary stories!.”

Spring Meadow School

Feast of Fenland
Taste Delicious Fenland Food
A special workshop all about food and farming in the Fens, past and present. Healthy eating, science, seasons etc

  • Taste delicious fenland food
  • Vist the market stall and take home some locally grown, delicious veg.