Hands–on workshops for KS2 with drama and role–play.


Workshop A: This workshop tells the story of the evacuation of the Jews’ Free School in London’s East End to Ely and the surrounding villages at the beginning od the war. It includes:

  • Role–play and drama.
  • Try on a gas mask and learn what to do in an air raid.
  • Meet Dr. Bernstein from the Jews’ Free School.
  • Meet Mrs. Hinton–Knowles from the WVS.
  • Learn about Jewish customs and culture.
  • Also meet other characters of the day.

Workshop B: Hands–on activity workshop.

  • Make do and mend — sew on a button, darn a sock.
  • Food and rationing — pigs trotters, rabbit pie & nettle soup.
  • Taste vinegar cake and weigh out your sweet ration.
  • Make a simple WW2 toy.