Victorian Workshops for KS1 & KS2 Hands on workshop with re-enacting/role play and singing led by a folk singer.


What was it like for children , rich and poor, in Victorian times?

  • Dress up in Victorian clothes.
  • Join in a Victorian washday with Molly the housekeeper.
  • Learn about boys’ lives as chimney sweeps or in the fenland fields.
  • Take tea in the parlour.
  • Try Victorian toys & watch a toy theatre show.
  • Experience the huge difference between the lives of the rich and the poor in role play.

This workshop could be followed by a discovery trail of Victorian Ely, or by another Victorian workshop at the Stained Glass Museum see for details

At the Stained Glass Museum: The stained glass artists of the Gothic Revival produced windows to rival their medieval predecessors, depicting subjects both sacred and secular. But young labourers working in the stained glass factories suffered appalling conditions. See the stained glass and discover how it was produced. Roleplay being a stained glass apprentice with Mr Briggs, the factory foreman.