Dedicated in part to the Cambridgeshire Regiment, members of which fought, suffered imprisonment and died in the Far East, this room highlights the importance of the East of England during World War II. The map shows the uncountable number of fighter and bomber airfields that there were in the region. This being the part of Britain closest to Germany it was the obvious place from which to take off on raids and, hopefully, to land on return.

The Cathedral had a role to play even in the fighting of the war in the air: Pilots from the area used the West Tower, which had a red navigation light at the top, as a landmark for finding their way home. The RAF Hospital has gone now but there are many people in Ely who will remember that they were born there or that their children were.

This draws to a close your tour around Ely Museum. Enter through the heavy prison cell door to return to the stairs. Please press the buzzer for assistance if you wish to use the Stairlift. At the bottom of the stairs turn left to access the shop, toilets and exit. We hope you enjoyed your visit.


Cambridgeshire Regiment Drums